911 callers describe people burning in Tony Robbins hot-coals walk

FILE PHOTO - Tony Robbins interview discussing the 2016 Presidential race. More than 30 people needed treatment for burns from a hot-coal fire walk he led in Dallas, Texas. (Photo: Tony Robbins / Facebook / MGN)

911 calls obtained by TMZ describe people with "very bad burns" after participating in a hot-coals walk put on by Tony Robbins.

According to The Associated Press, more than 30 people who attended the event were treated for burns.

Robbins encouraged them to walk on hot coals as a way of conquering their fears, Dallas fire officials said.

Callers rang for help to make sure there were enough ambulances sent to treat the people who were injured.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Robbins said no one was seriously injured in the incident.

His head trainer, Tad Schinke, said it was "a sucessful fire walk," telling the AP more than 7,000 people participated and there were a few people with some "discomfort" after the event.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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