At 48, Tony Hawk lands ridiculously impressive skateboarding trick

Tony Hawk landed a perfect 900 Monday -- 17 years to the day after completing the move at the 1999 X-Games. (MGN Online)

Seventeen years after shocking extreme sports fans by landing a perfect 900 at the X-Games, Tony Hawk Monday returned to the half-pipe to try to replicate the tricky move.

"A lot has happened since then in my life. It's been the craziest roller coaster ride. It really was the apex of my competitive career," Hawk says in a YouTube video. "I never thought I'd be doing this at my age. I really didn't think that was a possibility. But I'm still going, going until the wheels fall off I guess."

The 900 is an aerial spin move in which the rider turns 900 degrees (2.5 revolutions) along their longitudinal axis. In short, it's tough.

Hawk is considered the first person to land the 900 at a competition -- the 1999 X-Games. Although there is some debate as to whether pro skater Danny Way landed the move 10 years earlier. A video shows Way getting all the way around but it cuts off before confirming if he sticks the landing.

Only a handful of people have landed the move since Hawk. None of them were 48 years old.

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