Aziz Ansari is accused of sexual harassment during a date

Aziz Ansari, Photo Date: May 21, 2012

Photo: Peabody Awards / Wikipedia / CC BY 2.0 via MGN Online

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- A 23-year-old has accused actor and comedian Aziz Ansari of sexual harassment while on a date with him in 2017.

The alleged victim, whose real identity was not used in an interview with the website Babe, says she met Ansari at an after party for the 2017 Emmy Awards. She noticed Ansari's camera because she had a similar old model from the 1980's.

They glanced at each other throughout the night and she eventually gave Ansari her number. After a week of texting, the pair went on a date in New York. Throughout the date, Ansari's date sensed that he wanted to leave so they eventually did.

“When the waiter came over he quickly asked for the check and he said like, ‘Let’s get off this boat,’” she said. “Like, he got the check and then it was bada-boom, bada-bing, we’re out of there.”

When the pair arrived at his residence, Ansari allegedly kissed her and grabbed her breast while undressing himself. Ansari told her he was grabbing a condom to which she replied, "whoa, let’s relax for a sec, let’s chill.’”

The comedian allegedly forced her hand towards his private parts even after she would move her hand away.

“It was 30 minutes of me getting up and moving and him following and sticking his fingers down my throat again. It was really repetitive. It felt like a f*****g game," she told web publication Babe. “Most of my discomfort was expressed in me pulling away and mumbling. I know that my hand stopped moving at some points.”

Ansari also reportedly asked her where she would like him to have sex with her. She says she didn't know how to answer the question because she had no intentions of having sex with him.

After more forceful kissing and sexual acts, she left Ansari's house because she felt pressured.

She texted Ansari the next day and said, “I just want to take this moment to make you aware of [your] behavior and how uneasy it made me.” Ansari responded saying, “Clearly, I misread things in the moment and I’m truly sorry.”

She told the publication during her interview, “I believe that I was taken advantage of by Aziz. I was not listened to and ignored. It was by far the worst experience with a man I’ve ever had.”

Ansari has not publicly responded to the accusations made against him. The star of "Master of None" on Netflix won the 2018 Golden Globe for best actor in a TV series, comedy and appeared with a "Time's Up" pin.

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