Ben Affleck: 'I got into directing for the sex scenes'

Sienna Miller and Ben Affleck seen leaving 34 Restaurant in London after having dinner. (

Ben Affleck has agreed writing himself into sex scenes is one of the perks of being a movie director.

The "Argo" actor appears on The Graham Norton Show on Friday alongside co-star Sienna Miller, who plays his onscreen love interest, gangster's moll Emma Gould, in his new movie "Live by Night."

When asked about combining the roles of both directing and starring in his new gangster flick, the 44-year-old ,who also wrote the screenplay, admitted that the pressure was intense.

“When you do all that, it’s hard to avoid blame!” the Oscar winner explained to the British chat show host. Asked if actors now treat him differently, he answered, “Maybe. I don’t know. People think actors are pretty stupid and treat them like farm animals so I guess I get a little more credit! But people still don’t respect me!”

But when Graham points out that Ben wrote a lot of sex scenes for himself in the film, the Good Will Hunting star joked, “Why else get into directing? That’s kind of the whole point!” Co-star Sienna recently said in an interview that they filmed nine-hour long sex scenes for the mob movie which is set in Boston during the prohibition era.

Meanwhile, Ben has been cheering on his younger brother, Casey Affleck, 41, who recently picked up his first Golden Globe for his role in drama "Manchester By the Sea."

“It was spectacular and well deserved,” he told Graham. “When I got the Oscar I thanked everyone including Casey, who I called a genius, and he thanked everyone except me. I wish him less well now!”

And on the buzz surrounding a possible Oscar win for Casey, Ben says, “It would be an exciting thing. We would be the only two brothers ever to both win, which would be cool," before making another joke at his brother’s expense, “And it wouldn’t be the only first. Casey would be the first bed wetter to win! It would be so ground-breaking!”

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