Disney bosses refusing to pay ransom to hackers threatening to release blockbuster

The 'Beauty and the Beast' New York screening at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on March 13, 2017 in New York City. (Andres Otero/

Disney bosses have reportedly called in the FBI to investigate a major cyber hack.

Reports suggest the hackers have stolen the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" film, "Dead Men Tell No Tales," and they are threatening to release the movie online ahead of its official May 26 release date.

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger has confirmed the hack, but he has refused to name the movie being held for ransom.

The hackers want a sum of money paid to Bitcoin, he told ABC employees during a town hall meeting on Monday, according to Deadline.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the cyber bandits behind the theft have threatened to release the film in sections, starting with the first five minutes, until the ransom demand is met.

But Iger insists the company bosses have chosen not to pay up.

The news comes weeks after episodes from the new season of "Orange Is the New Black" were posted illegally on the Internet after Netflix bosses refused to heed a hacker's ransom demands.

Disney bosses have yet to confirm Johnny Depp's new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie is the film at the center of the drama.

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