'Dulcimer dad,' family and pet raccoon gain internet fame

"Why the dulcimer? Somehow I just got it in my heart and it stayed there for a long time," says Yoder.

GOSHEN, Ind. (WSBT) -- A dad and his unique instrument have gained worldwide fame on the internet. A Facebook live video of Ted Yoder playing the dulcimer has millions of views and shares.

The video, which was shot on August 24, has 67 million views, 2.1 million likes, and 1.3 million shares. Why the success? Just watch the video.

See the story behind his success in the video above.

Yoder used to be a salesman but in 2010 the Goshen dad became a full-time musician.

"I basically self-taught," Yoder said.

He plays a hammer dulcimer. It's an ancient instrument found all over the world. It isn't easy to play because it isn't a linear instrument like a piano.

A friend dubbed him "the dulcimer dad" years ago and it stuck.

"Why the dulcimer? Somehow I just got it in my heart and it stayed there for a long time," Yoder said..

Recently, his talent has started to pay off. In August, his Facebook Live video went viral.

In the video he plays the '80s song "Everybody wants to Rule the world" by Tears for Fears while his wife and seven children watch from their backyard orchard. After the song he introduces viewers to his pet raccoon.

He never expected the video to get the attention it has.

"No, heavens no," Yoder said. "When you start doing music as a living it moves so slow . It's not a fast process it all. To think of something going viral and then you suddenly have 200,000 people listening rather than 20 -- you never see it, you never expect it."

Yoder has five albums and hundreds of You Tube videos, but in just a couple weeks one Facebook Live Video changed everything.

Still, he stays humble, thanks his Facebook fans and continues to make beautiful music in Goshen, Indiana.

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