Garfield meets Grumpy Cat in comic crossover

Two of the most famous cats in the world will cross paths later this year in a new comic crossover.

Dynamite Entertainment Friday announced that Garfield, the cat made famous daily for loving lasagna and hating Mondays will meet internet darling Grumpy Cat in a story written by Garfield creator Jim Davis.

The event comes after Dynamite Entertainment and BOOM! studios decided to team-up themselves to make the meeting possible.

"Jim Davis approached us years ago asking us to publish the Garfield comic books and it's been a tremendous honor to work with one of the greatest cartoonists of all time and the entire team at PAWS," said Ross Richie, Founder and CEO of BOOM! Studios. "When I met with him at San Diego Comic-Con International this year to discuss this crossover, he was brimming with delight at the idea of these two felines getting together. His enthusiasm and affection for this crossover is infectious! This is going to be terrific fun!

"Teaming up with Garfield for a comic series is a real honor," says Grumpy Cat. "I hate it."

The crossover is set to be released this summer.

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