Beyond the Podium: Presidential nominees hit North Carolina

Beyond the Podium: Presidential nominees hit North Carolina

Hillary Clinton and Donald trump are both battling for North Carolina.

They are both campaigning, which tells you just how important they think the state is to winning the election.

There are nine other states with more electoral votes than North Carolina, but don't tell that to tar heels who'd say based on the signs, ads & candidate appearances, have become the ultimate political priority.

Why such an electoral linchpin? Trump sees it as a must for Clinton, a check-mate state.

"If Hillary Clinton wins here, she will be president. Period," said vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine while campaigning.

New York times data shows Trump is more likely than Clinton to pull in undecideds or third party supporters here. So he's admittedly, trying to avoid any more controversy while he still struggles with the black vote here.

Nothing, North Carolinians say, is certain anymore since the displays here are about persona, not problems.

Hillary Clinton has covered big ground in the last few days, making it to seven states.

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