In Nevada, concerns over voter fraud, intimidation as early voting starts Saturday

4900 electronic voting machines for Clark County. Local/state/federal authorities are working to keep your vote secure. 10/21/16 (Nathan O'Neal | KSNV)

MONDAY OCT. 24 UPDATE: The FBI reminded that local police and the Secretary of State are the officials who respond to any possible voter fraud cases. FBI agents cannot, by law, respond to such local matters.

Concerns over voter fraud, cyber breaches and voter intimidate loom as Nevada voters prepare to participate in early voting starting Saturday.

More than 60 percent of Nevada voters will cast their ballots early. Elections officials say they are confident and ready to protect the integrity of the voting process.

In Clark County, there are roughly 4,900 electronic voting machines and 97 early voting locations set up throughout the county.

Joe Gloria is the registrar of Clark County Voters and maintains that the voting system is secure.

Concerns over voter fraud have been fueled through accusations by Donald Trump in recent days despite multiple reports disputing his claims.

"Voter fraud is all too common and then they criticize us for saying that," Trump said to a group of supporters recently.

The Republican candidate went as far as to tell his supporters to watch others at the polls -- feeding worries of possible voter intimidation. "When we've looked at the history of elections, I think you'll find nastiness all the way back," said Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske.

On Friday, Cegavske issued a warning to not interfere with the election process or risk facing criminal and civil charges. "We want to make sure that people feel safe and secure when voting," said Cegavske.

Local and federal agencies -- including the FBI-- are partnering up to maintain the integrity of the election process.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse said it's extremely dangerous to foster the perception of rigged elections because "it casts doubt on the validity and outcome of our elections."

Meanwhile at least 40 states have already requested help from The Department of Homeland Security to combat threats of cyber breaches. "We're keeping a watchful eye on anyone that would try to alter that system -- and the bottom line on that is if someone were to try, they're going to get caught," said Rouse.

FBI agents will be stationed at four separate command posts across the state throughout the voting process, ready to respond to any issues at polling locations.

EVSched-16G by Anonymous zKUNzIj on Scribd

EVSched-16G by Anonymous zKUNzIj on Scribd

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