Experts: Next president could have huge impact on abortion law

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton in the final presidential debate October 19, 2016. (Photo: CNN via MGN Online)

In this presidential election, it’s quite clear to millions of voters that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are very far apart on many issues.

That includes the issue of abortion.

Political Experts say the winner of this election could impact the law of the land for decades to come.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump laid out their vision on abortion in their final presidential debate. Mrs. Clinton wants to uphold the federal Roe vs. Wade law. Mr. Trump is pro-life and wants the states to address the issue.

“If you go with what Hillary is saying, in the ninth month, you could take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother.” said Trump in last week’s debate.

“I can tell you, the government has no business in the decisions that women make with their families in accordance with their faith,” replied Clinton. “I will stand up for that.”

That is why National Right to Life President Carol Tobias says her organization is endorsing Mr. Trump.

“I think sending the abortion issue back to the states would be a great way to move the process forward,” said Tobias.

Sinclair reached out to several pro-choice groups for reaction, and received no response. But the National Abortion Rights Action League website endorses Mrs. Clinton for president---stating in part:

“Hillary Clinton has spent her entire life leading on equal opportunity for women--as a private citizen, First Lady, United States Senator, and Secretary of State. As President, Hillary Clinton will be a champion for all.”

The next president could also have the ability to fill conservative Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat. He died in February.

Also currently, two Supreme Court Justices are over the age of 80. If one or more judges retire, the next president can easily tip the balance of power on this extremely sensitive and controversial issue.

“A Supreme Court at least in the hands of Hillary Clinton---with her 3 or 4 appointments, could keep abortion legal again for all nine months---for who knows how many years?” added Tobias.

Pro-life and pro-choice groups can agree on one thing.

This presidential election makes the future of the nation’s highest bench among the most central issues in the race for the White House.

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