Ivanka, Tiffany: "Why we stand behind our father"

Donald Trump's daughter bolster their support behind their father. (WPEC)

JUPITER, Fla. (CBS12) - She's been hailed as one of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's closest advisers and confidants.

Now, Ivanka Trump is back on the campaign trail for her father.

She and younger sister Tiffany Trump paid a visit to South Florida on Thursday and sat down with CBS12’s Kathleen Walter for an exclusive interview.

Ivanka shared with us what she has learned on the campaign trail with her father.

“The great thing for me was just seeing the passion that people have for this country and how optimistic they are that they and their families can realize their full potential, and the whole country can,” she said.

The sisters were at Trump National in Jupiter, Florida for a campaign event where Ivanka spoke to a mostly female audience about her father's vision to make America great again.

It includes, she said, affordable child care and school choice.

“There are so many great schools, so many great charter schools, so many great public schools, so we need to really release them and enable best practices to thrive-- repealing and replacing Common Core and really bringing education to a local and state level.”

Tiffany Trump is newly graduated from her father’s alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania.

She is now pursuing a law degree and getting on the campaign trail as much as possible.

Tiffany Trump said, “It's an amazing thing to see these rallies all the love and dedication that these people have for all that my dad is trying to achieve with this.”

When asked what she wants women voters to know about her father, Ivanka said, “He’s been a great parent, a great employer and leader. He is a very good person--a very kind person--and that's why I stand behind him.”

After our interview, Ivanka and Tiffany also met with teachers and students at the Inlet Grove Charter School in Riviera Beach before making a campaign stop in Miami.

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