Melania Trump: Cyber-bullying will be 'main focus'

Melania Trump speaks in Pennsylvania (CNN Newsource)

In her first major campaign speech since July, Melania Trump told an audience outside Philadelphia that she will make social media safe again, if Donald Trump wins the election.

Taking on cyber-bullying among children and teens will be "one of the main focuses of my work, if I am privileged enough to become your first lady," Melania told an enthusiastic crowd in the Philadelphia suburbs.

"Our culture has gotten too mean and too rough," she said, adding it is unacceptable for children to be "mocked, bullied or attacked" online by "someone with no name, hiding on the internet."

The pledge to make the internet safer for young people is may be seen as a contrast with Donald Trump, whose campaign has been shaped by his active and sometimes aggressive presence on social media. Earlier this week, comedian Jon Stewart recalled his own Twitter war with the New York billionaire back in 2013.

Melania delivered a strong appeal to women voters during her speech arguing she will be their "advocate" in the White House. Only five days away from the election, Trump is still polling more than ten points behind Hillary Clinton among likely women voters. Trump's polling among women took a turn for the worse in early October after the release of the Access Hollywood tape, where Trump was overheard making lewd comments about women.

The Thursday speech at the Main Line Sports Center was Mrs. Trump's first major speech since her July address at the Republican National Convention. Melania's convention speech, initially well-received, was later found to have large sections of text plagiarized from First Lady Michelle Obama's 2008 address to the Democratic National Convention.

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