NY Facebook users talk politics before primary

Facebook users talk politics

Millions of Facebook users in New York are posting about politics leading up to the primary Tuesday.

Facebook data shows millions have posted about specific candidates with many more liking or commenting on those posts.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton had nearly 1.2 million people discussing her - plus nearly 8.8 million interactions. Those interactions include likes, posts, comments, and shares.

Clinton's rival Bernie Sanders had about the same - about 100,000 interactions behind Hillary in terms of people discussing his campaign.

Sanders himself had about 8.6 million interactions - again that includes likes and comments.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump dominated the conversation on Facebook with nearly 2 million users discussing his campaign. On the interactions side, Trump nearly hit the 15 million mark.

His rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich fell far behind. Cruz had just over a half million users discussing his campaign and about 2.6 million interactions. Kasich had about 200,000 discussing his campaign and 680,000 interactions.

As for the top issues for New Yorkers based on Facebook data, Number 1 was racism and discrimination followed by Israel and Palestine, then Wall Street and financial regulation. Wages ranked number 4 and Iraq came as the number 5 issue for New Yorkers.

None of this data is intended to be used as a poll of how the election results will turn out. The data serves simply as numbers indicating how often candidates were discussed on the social media network.

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