Dolly Parton welcomes guests to Dollywood for 37th season

WCYB photo

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WCYB) - Dolly Parton welcomed season passholders to Dollywood for the 37th season on Friday.

Friday was the first time Parton has been to the park since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

"It's great to be home," she said. "It's great to be back at Dollywood, see the fans and see everyone walk around. Feeling free no mask required, and it's great to be back after two years in all this COVID darkness. It's like my song, 'I can see the light of the clear blue new morning, I can see the light of the brand new day,' so this morning it was great to feel the audience and feel like I was back and they were back and in a place where we belong.”

Parton spoke with guests about several of her latest projects, including her new album and book "Run Rose Run." The book is a collaboration with best selling author, James Patterson.

“It's special because I had the chance to write it with James Patterson who is the No. 1 writer in the world he's sold over 4 million books," said Parton. "I've never done a novel or a mystery. “

The book takes place in Nashville, and is about a young girl who is running from her past and trying to make it into the music world. Parton said she wrote the songs for the album in just a few days.

“I did," she said. "I perfected it a lot, and I continued to write, but I sent him seven songs in the first week after we first met. He brought me an outline about what it was about and who it was about and based on that I thought 'I get this I know who this girl is'.”

WCYB had an opportunity to talk with Parton one-on-one about her future plans. She is currently working on a rock n' roll album, a gospel music album, and a Christmas movie.

“I'm just going to do more of the same," she said. "I'm just going to try and do better. I'm still going to do some movies. I'm doing a movie on NBC in December and an inspirational album I'm writing and a lot of songs from that will be in movie. The album will come out in the fall and then the movie in December."

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